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Thursday, January 28, 2010

About using stylish fonts in browsers and profile..

Bored of using the same default font ur profiles ????.....Here is a solution.
Though HTML(Hyper text markup language) has an option to choose Font by using tag "Font",it fails in case of givin info in Text boxes.
So you need to opt for special characters resembling alphabates.....
To do this goto Start>Programs> Accessories >System tools>Character map...a dialog box appears.
Select the desired character and copy paste...
This could be tiresome when doing with text that are too long..
So the best solution could be!!!..:)
Orkut unlike others have an application named Stylish fonts and scraps..
For long text choose Profile font....
Type the desired Text and choose the desired font ......the typed text changes to Unicode characters tat are stylish..
Now u can copy paste to desired location.....!!!! Its simple....All u need is an orkut account.....

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